Multiple streams of Income;

The biggest misconception in this Century is the must to have multiple side hustles ( passive income) and that you can’t have one job etcetera. We keep forgetting not everyone is cut out for doing hustles, that’s why some people invest heavily in businesses and fail.

“ Punishment Island” (Okuhana narishi Okufubirwa)” translated in Rukiga

Myths are always factual once seen in sight; a case in point (punishment Island).

Some stories you listen to and think nuh that can’t happen that’s probably a myth 👇🏾

Punishment Island is a folklore among the Bakiga, similar to the…

The wonder kid drug “Dexamethasone”

PS; this has been in my drafts for almost half a year, i thought it wouldn't be important to share, but i have gotten the same side effects this month. The downward side of recovering from Covid, its symptoms show once in a blue moon…


(faith over fear)

Hmph Oba ntandikilewa …… i had this conversation with a gentleman “ Covid is not real, its not there”, mind you this is not barely a year ago; its in the recent delta wave. My eyes almost darted to the back of my…


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost or all heath institutes are overwhelmed including the medical staff, including the attending physicians, specialists, patient advocates, physical therapists, hospital pharmacists, human resource managers, social workers, dieticians and the rapid response team name it, who we commonly refer to as doctors and…


NB; I have been looking for a more toned down word for Monitoring spirit 😅 maleficent it is.

It’s undeniable that I once was a monitoring spirit to another. With each fleeting moment, our paths cross meaning almost nothing in this wonderful universe can ever be parallel. We all…

Kasukali ;

Once stirred,

Calmly and gently,

Overflowing perfection is all there is.

The good omens;

Spoke of her sweetness;

Her tenderness;

Her brilliance;

Her nurture;

Her spark.

Ali Nga ekyupa eyatiika,

She’s strides delicately with precaution;

Enchanted by the simple pleasantries of life;

These heighten her peace.

On the…

vyf en twintig (25);

I almost kissed my death,

To the point I believed my left side was cursed;

On a positive;

My left eye has the best eyesight .

Would I be a memory or just a thought?

Time slowed for a while,

Yet I was meant to utilize all this space.

Weirdly, I loved it so much,

It changed my whole perspective towards life.

I believe it’s my duty,

To go wherever,

To cheer whoever,

To show up whenever,

And digress whatever ills.

To live every inch of life.

To celebrate to the fullest.

To take those risks if need be;

I would pop that pill if I had the confidence.

And to live a soulful life .

To more years under, above and over the sun!

~ Ava Aster ~

On my liqs,

Well, she asked me why we drink;

I honestly didn’t have an answer,

Our temperaments had always varied;

I drank to pass time and not as a hobby,

I would choose nourishment over fermentation;

Was it pressure;

Anxiety made me drink a lot of water in the…


Some days i wake up jolly,

Other days, the earth’s heaviness wears me out

Some days,i appreciate the dew,

Other days, i want to crush dried leaves under the sunset.

Some times I want to be draped in fur,

Other days I want to be clad in flip…

Scarlet Nyeitera!

Random thoughts! I write so we can grow, blossom and sprout 🌻 My prose and poetry don’t rhyme; some days Direct Translation.

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